Class Schedule

Have a look at our class schedule below, click here to register to dance with us.:

Hip-Hop Dance Levels

Fundamentals: This is for if you have no dance experience, this level will introduce movement at an encouraging pace.

Basic: These classes will introduce movement concepts at an encouraging pace and teach choreography.

Beginner: These classes are for students with a minimum of one-year experience at a basic level. These classes will be taught slightly faster than basic level classes with an emphasis placed on co-ordination, increased speed instruction and complexity of movement.

Intermediate: These classes are open to all dancers, however they are more suited to dancers who have at least two or more years’ experience at beginner level.

Advanced: This is for dancers with at least six years’ experience and are working on solid technique and understanding of execution.

Open: The average skill level of participants will determine level of class. It is recommended that students have some movement experience.

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Modern Dance Grades

Grade 1- 4 : These classes are open to all ages and is suited for beginners or dancers with no or some formal dance experience.

Grade 5 – 8: These classes are open to all ages and is suited for intermediate and advanced level dances

Contemporary Classes

This class is an open class, all dancers are welcome to enjoy this expressive dance form on Wednesdays.

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